Becoming a local in Biarritz

Each day that I go with A to our little cafe, I feel more and more like a local. Each day there are regulars (of which we now include ourselves) and the lady who runs the creperie down the road who says ‘hello’ to us every morning. However I have noticed that there is a bit of a ‘boys club’ mentality. Apart from us and the crepe lady, its all men in the cafe. Its fascinating, because Melbourne’s cafe culture tends to lend itself to women and the ‘metro’ crowd. Then there are the delivery guys. Same guys, everyday. Now even THEY tend to say ‘good morning’ to us!

We’re now figuring out what happens once the summer is over. It would be great to keep doing our SOAP Bible reading, but there are several factors like A’s work and the opening hours of the cafe.


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