Giving financially to my ministry in Lourdes enables me to focus 100% on ministry.  Without the financial support of faithful churches and brothers and sisters in Christ over the past 7 years, I would never have been able to go to France.  Giving financially to my ministry a great source of encouragement and confirmation that you agree and get behind me in following the Lord’s will for my life and ministry.  It’s one thing for me to say “I think the Lord is calling me to France”.  It’s another thing entirely to hear the response from brothers & sisters “We agree that He’s calling you there and we want to give financially to get you there”.  What a confirmation and encouragement that is!  Thank you!

As I launch this new vision, to see a team of people making disciples of Jesus in Lourdes, would you consider joining this new team by partnering financially?  This could mean a one-off gift to help with set up costs in Lourdes, or it could mean a monthly or annual financial commitment.

Pioneers has multiple offices throughout the world, which facilitates giving in your own currency.  There are many ways to give:


One-off donations

Recurring donation


One-off or recurring gift


Faire un don en euro (ou depuis la Suisse) 



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