Café talk

So this past few days in the café, doing our SOAP daily Bible reading have been interesting. A & I have been going to the same café everyday at 7:30am to read the Bible. On Tuesday it looked like maybe the other customers were starting to feel uncomfortable that we were reading the Bible and talking about God. So we were concerned that if we were scaring away customers we might be encouraged to leave. So we started to pray for wisdom about what to do.
The next day we decided to change tables. So we sit on the edge table, outside, on the corner table. Crazy day in the café! Its always the same waiter, youngish French guy. We had prayed that we would be more comfortable and that he would be comfortable with us and that he would grow to trust us. And this crazy day in the café it was nuts! We didn’t know what was going on. 7:30am, there were heaps of people in the café, maybe 4 or 5 different guys. Then there’d be guys in the street, driving past that would know the waiter. They would yell and chat from their cars about the big night out they’d had, etc. They’d include us in the conversation, wishing us ‘bon apetit’ and us wishing them ‘bonne nuit’ (Good night!). Then there was nearly a car accident in front of us, so close that A freaked out and pushed our table and nearly knocked me off the curb. We were in hysterics at all of this craziness going on.
And then today, the waiter ‘tutoyé’d me. (This means that he used familiar, informal language with me) And then he finally got the courage to ask us what we have been doing in this café everyday for the past 3 weeks. A answered and told him that we’re studying the Bible and he asked lots of questions about us, even after I had left and A was still there. A total turn around from our fear of being kicked out of the café, and I’m looking forward to getting together in this café everyday.
On a completely different note, I had lunch with a friend from Toulouse today, in Anglet (Chambre d’Amour). It was delicious! Here’s a pic of what we ate (fries, pork, and spanish salad):
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