The Church

logo-les-cairns-12.pngLaunched officially with a Christmas service in 2016, Les Cairns is an evangelical church for Lourdes and the Lavedan Valleys.  Currently it is the only protestant church based in Lourdes.  The vision that the Lord Jesus gave us fo this church is a cairn a small pile of stones that are placed on a mountain path, in order to show hikers which path to take.


We are living stones and we want to have small gatherings of believers, small cairns,  gathering regularly throughout the Lavedan Valleys and Lourdes.  Then, once a month, all these cairns will gather together to celebrate our Lord Jesus together.

Currently we have one cairn in Lourdes, and each month we gather together as a wider group (with people who are not part of a cairn) to celebrate together with worship, a time in the Word and prayer.  This gathering is made up of French people, (some believers, some not), asylum seekers and kids.

We are always looking for teammates to join us in this pyrenean adventure.  Find out more about our team and opportunities to join us.


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